Ainon is a small church in the centre of the village of Bryncoch, Wales. The church has a membership of around 40 people who are joined by many others of all ages for the Sunday services. We are served by the ministry of our Associate Pastor, Andrew Ware.

At the heart of the church is the desire to know God through the person of Jesus Christ. The church offers opportunities for all to explore issues of life and faith in the context of the Bible. We are also committed to expressing our faith through practical care to others in need both locally and world-wide.

'Ainon' (or 'Aenon') comes from the Greek word for 'fountain'. It was the Biblical name of a place in Israel, west of the river Jordan, where many people were baptized in water in anticipation of the coming of God's Saviour (John 3:23). In the Bible, water can symbolize cleansing, re-birth and the outpouring of God's Spirit. The name expresses our desire to be a church in which we can find a new start in life through Jesus. 

The church was founded in 1906 by people drawn from what was then a mining and farming community. It was Welsh speaking and in membership with the Baptist Union of Wales. Today English is the language used and the church is in dual membership with both the Baptist Union of Wales and the Baptist Union Of Great Britain.